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Published On: 12/13/2020 03:20:04 am America/Los Angeles Time.

So you want to sell ebooks and/or digital products on eBay and you want your customers to have instant access and for this to be done automatically? Up until recently automatic delivery has never...

So you need to sell digital books as well as computerized items on eBay and you need your clients to have moment access and for this to be done consequently?

Up to this point programmed conveyance has never been so natural!

Presently you can sell several advanced items consistently and never need to send an email.

Where is my eBay computerized delivery?

A few clients may ask you where is my item,

or then again that they have browsed their email and there is no conveyance.

On the off chance that you are selling advanced items and a client asks you where their item is, kindly don't hesitate to give a connection to this article.

According to eBay's new arrangement on advanced items the download page is shown after your buy by eBay.

To discover this page

1. Sign in to the eBay account under which the thing was bought.

2. Go to "My eBay".

3. View the "Things I've Won".

4. You will discover the view computerized conveyance hyperlink close to the thing you bought.

If you don't mind note, you may need to tap the bolt to see the drop down menu to get to the hyperlink.

Additionally, you can locate the advanced download hyperlink by returning to the advertisement of the thing you bought.

Digital conveyance vender requirements

Here are a portion of the prerequisites to sell advanced things.

1. Utilize fixed cost or store stock (you can't sell computerized things by closeout).

2. Offer just prompt PayPal installment.

3. You should utilize a PayPal Confirmed Chief or Checked Business account. (As a matter of fact I locate the most believed merchants are confirmed)

4. No explicit material.

5. Vender should be the protected innovation proprietor, or an approved affiliate.

6. Venders thing should exclude any product/contents that hurt the purchasers PC or security.

For more data give perusing eBays FAQ a shot advanced things

Step one

If it's not too much trouble note you can just sell advanced things as fixed cost, or store thing (no closeouts permitted).

In the wake of choosing your classification you will at that point show up at the "Title and Depiction" page.

In the event that you don't see the "Rundown as a computerized record or data" at that point you may have utilized some unacceptable classification. For instance, you can't sell advanced items in the engine vehicle class. Additionally, you could take a stab at lisiting the thing from to check whether that has any kind of effect (some of the time does).

If you don't mind note, you may need to begin another leaning to empower the computerized conveyance choice.

Step two

Subsequent to tapping the "Rundown as an advanced document or data" interface, type some data about the item available to be purchased. For instance, is it macintosh viable? Windows XP SP2 viable? pdf, .exe, or compress records? Will the document be downloaded or messaged?

Settle on sure you click the legitimate understanding box and that you are an approved vender.

Step three

After you have arrangement the "Title and Depiction", the "Photos and Subtleties" you presently should arrangement the "Installment and Conveyance".

This is where you indicate how the purchaser will get the thing. The purchaser might be demonstrated this after installment has been made.

Here you can give the purchaser subtleties, for instance:

"You can download your buy from here...."

"Kindly message me (my email address) and let me realize which email address you might want me to send your buy to ..."

"In the event that you have any inquiries or issues, kindly email me here..."

I suggest you supply individuals with a download page, or a connection to download the document. That makes the entire cycle more programmed, and your client gets the item following buy.

Final word

I trust this article responds to the entirety of your inquiries regarding ebay advanced conveyance, and thank you for your time.

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